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Results 2010

Posted by chisholm | Event News | Sunday 24 October 2010 9:54 pm



 Results do include credit for Final partial Laps -

The 2010 Date is Set!

Posted by tah3 | Event News | Friday 23 April 2010 1:27 am

On October 23th and 24th Bluff Creek will host a pair of 24 Hour races. The Double Dirty Dozen will test participants endurance against the undulating terrain of the Bluff Creek Trails. 24 The Hard Way will pit participants against a 1 mile loop of pavement and offer a chance to set a new Oklahoma State record.

Each race will feature a 6, 12 and 24 hour category as well as a 1 hour run Friday evening. The runs will benefit the United Way of Oklahoma.

"We are excited to be bringing an exceptional 24 Hr endurance event to central Oklahoma," says Chisholm Deupree, "we are committed to providing the best racing experience to our athletes so that they can experience their best race."

Registration for both events is open and will be limited to 250 in each event.

The Simple Rules

Posted by chisholm | Event News | Friday 16 October 2009 7:32 pm

24 The Hard Way and The Double Dirty Dozen are intended to be competitive but also fun events. We have a few rules to run by and ask that all participants know and abide by them.

The most important rules :

·        No littering of any kind , anywhere, anytime    .

·        No Parking on the grass or off of the Roadway.

1)Runners must share the path with any others who may be present.

2) Pacing is not allowed. Registered runners may run together, but registered runners may not run alongside people who are not registered. There may be non-registered people on the course, so please do not run with these people.

3) We assume that whether runners are moving fast or slow at any given time, all are trying for their best performance. Thus there is no need to move out of the way for someone who may want to pass. Faster runners should generally assume that they will have to pass slower runners on the outside. As noted, registered runners may run together, but if there are more than two abreast (or those walking slowly), please move to the outside of the all-purpose trail to let other runners get by. This rule is to ensure safety and a right of way for everyone.

4) Runners may leave the course at any place or time. They may go where they please for as long as they please. When they re-enter the course, they *must* do so at the exact point where they left it. To assist the race committee, please tell a volunteer if you are leaving for good, or if you are leaving for an extended period with the intention of returning.

5) 24 The Hard Way Runners may not run on the grass, either inside or outside the all-purpose trail.

6) There are plenty of Porta-johns. Use them, or face disqualification. 'nuff said.

7)Headphones are allowed, but if you use them, please exercise caution, Cellular telephones may not be used by runners while they are on the course. Runners may stop and step off the course to use a cell phone however.

Runners may not use banned substances. See Antidoping Code  Each runner must wear his or her bib number and Timing Chip at all times while on the course. Alcoholic Beverages are prohibited.


Gearing UP !

Posted by chisholm | Event News | Monday 17 August 2009 9:22 pm

We are glad that you've come to the home The Double Dirty Dozen , The 1st  Oklahoma Ultrarunning Championships . These Premier Footraces are open to all competitors and pedestrians. We will provide a beautiful venue, with gracious hospitality, and conditions that will offer the ideal opportunity for record setting results in one of several Ultrarunning events.


We are also presenting United Way Live United 1 Hour Race. This is a unique event lasting 60 minutes on the same Championship course.  We expect a great participation in this event also.

New information about the race, the race course, and video has been added.  You will also find a list of hotels near the venue.

  1. Enjoy the changes and updates.
  2.  Register Early
  3. Start training now for a champion's experience !!

Stay tuned for updates, and subscribe to this Site via Google Reader for automatic updates.

Special Thanks for Additional Hospitality

Posted by chisholm | Event News | Tuesday 11 August 2009 8:54 pm



The banner above represents Pacer Fitness Center, located a few miles from the starting lines for the Oklahoma Ultrarunning Championships. Nancy , who is the facility director and also an ultrarunner will make guest opportunities for runners in 24 the hard way and The DoubleDirtyDozen. If you need use of the locker-room and shower facilities before returning home after the races, please let us know so we can prepare. Also, if you live in OKC metro, and are looking for a full time fitness facility membership, you can also arrange a tour of the work out area and operations. Oct 23 Friday 5:30am to 9:00pm; Oct 24 Saturday 7am to 5:30pm and Oct 25 Sunday noon to 5:30 pm

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